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Alcohol Management Resources

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State of Nevada Laws, Rules and Regulations
There are laws on all governmental levels, including the federal, state, city, and county levels, which address the sales and service of beverage alcohol.

Many states require alcohol education for those working in establishments that sell/serve beverage alcohol.

  1. Did You Know That In Nevada Alcohol Education Cards Expire After Four Years?
  2. Who Can You Legally Refuse to Serve or Ask to Leave? Know Your Rights!
  3. Legislation for Alcoholic Beverage Awareness Programs in Nevada
    1. Program requirements – Chapter 369 – Intoxicating Liquor: Licenses and Taxes
    2. Provider requirements – Chapter 394 – Private Educational Institutions and Establishments

Commission on Postsecondary Education

Ideas for Meeting Service Guidelines
Customer service is always a priority in the hospitality industry. Additionally, all servers or sellers of alcohol have legal, moral and ethical responsibilities that go along with customer service.

How to Handle Customer Disturbances
Customer disturbances or fights in an establishment are a concern in the beverage alcohol service and sales industry. Disturbances are much more likely to occur when people become intoxicated.

What You Need to Know About the Clinical Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol is a drug and as a server/seller, it’s important to know the clinical effects of alcohol consumption and how the body absorbs it, distributes, and metabolizes it.

Through your alcohol awareness training with TAM, you will also learn how to estimate Blood Alcohol Content or BAC.

By estimating BAC based on drinks served and observed behaviors, servers, sellers, and security to manage their establishment and intervene before situations get out of control.

How to Identify False IDs
Underage purchase and consumption of alcohol is a serious problem nationwide and the consequences of an underage purchase can be serious.

Every establishment needs policies and procedures to prevent underage persons from obtaining alcohol and tobacco products to protect themselves from liability and the public from harm. You have a responsibility to ask for identification! If there is any question about the age of the customer, you can refuse to serve or sell to the customer.

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